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Fencraft is a pagan tradition combining elements of animism, local-practice, traditional witchcraft, mysticism and religious paganism. It draws heavily from folk horror, folklore, and British esoteric pop culture. It uses a new elemental system, drawn from the landscape. It was conceived as a parallel-universe-Wicca for “religious witchcraft without the gender stuff”.

It is an open tradition, and the aim of this website is to grow the faith, as well as share our passion for folklore and connect with other like-minded seekers.

What was the secret in the British countryside…?

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Work In Progress

This website is a work in progress, but thank you for visiting. It’s not currently finished, organised or comprehensive, but new articles can be found on the blog.

This blog is to archives my ideas and writings, and will one day be a comprehensive guidebook. However, for the time being, it is the articles I wish to write as and when they are ready.

If you are interested in learning more, asking questions or hurrying me to finish certain bit of the mythos, then please leave a comment or visit me at haptalaon.dreamwidth.org . Either the answer to your question is easily provided – I’ve simply not got around to it – or it will give me an opportunity to work it out.

Future goals for the site? A lot more content. Creating more of my own images, rather than using stock photos, to change the mood of the site (stock photos are so shiny…); creating a bit more ritual content (I’m an animist, so experiencing the land is enough); simply getting up the content I already have; possibly producing some kind of free/printable book.

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